Baradine NSW Mothersday

Baradine is a small community  of about 800 people .  

it was a lovely welcoming  feeling driving into the town and finding the CWA hall. For those who do not know CWA country women association were hugely important for the well fear of women in this country . They influenced politics, bought flats and houses in cities for women to safely stay in when they had to go to town and they were and still often are drivers in their communities. Off course their are rules and cookbooks on how to make a cake 'right'!


CWA hall which has a stage as well. They all are different  

CWA hall which has a stage as well. They all are different  

The fact we had the workshop over 1.5 days and it fell on Mother's Day had allowed sharing around this theme. Any mother knows what guild feels like of not being perfect and any mother knows the fear of something happing  to their child .   

I felt touched by the joys and heartships and it brought before me again . 'I am NOT alone' . 

we are good enough and are allowed to embrace our imperfections, as a matter of fact our heart will do much better when we do. 

See video below for short impressions  


We made little race hats, steam punk and also a winter hats for visiting a daughter who lives in the USA