Mendooran day 1

Mendooran is a very smal community .about 4oo people live in town and several from the workshop came from out of down from Neighbouring properties. 

I am always reminded how those women transform out of their blunt stone boots into pearls and lipstick . Many of those women in the workshops know how to fence and draft cattle , trench ship , cook meals and raise children . 


Hands which have done a lot  

Hands which have done a lot  

Each time on the first day I am greeted by an empty hall with tables waiting against the wall in a corner , often the curtains drawn and chairs stacked up high and within an hour or so the space is transformed 


Something happens in the room after 2 - 3 hours when making begins . There is a silence and a buzz at the same time , there is a feeling of exitment and a sense of uncertainty of what will 'this'become and where will I wear it and before long it is not anymore about the outcome , it becomes about the process and the rest falls into place by itself.