Weaving for wellness

I am out and about again with a brand new workshop . This time there are hats , looms, canvases and paints .

Anyone is allowed and welcomed. From young to mature aged 😜

there is no right and no wrong . Participants are encouraged to explore and play . Too often are our days full with rules and regulations. Space created and provided is offering time to go onwards and see if one can connect with other parts of ourselves which are hidden and waiting to be embraced 🤠


The maker / Reflections

I , as a maker often get confussed about making for fashion , making for art or making for makings sake .

With every day I am getting older these questions hold more weight on me than ever before . Not only do I think about it more , I also react to the question in a curious kind of way....... ‘Why has it taking me so long to do what I want ?’

I always knew that I am not just a maker . A maker of beautiful things, a maker of useful and practical things and a maker with a strong back ground of training . In me lingered the need to create, make funny things, weird  things and totallly impractical things . Even so the soul, for a better word was screaming at me to do more of it, I , my ego , did often turn a deaf ear to the call. What was I afraid off? Afraid of being judged by my peers? Afraid to fail and be unloved at by a world who does not understand? Afraid to be ignored and talked about behind my back? .....

I am not afraid to say ,YES for all those reasons and many more I did make many things in life for others rather than myself .


Some are coat hangers because it is their job and some become coat hangers because someone else tells them what to hang on it.    

Some are coat hangers because it is their job and some become coat hangers because someone else tells them what to hang on it. 



As I reflect on these questions often when I drive long distances my thoughts are never far from the people I meet along the road and wherever I turn . Are they free of fear, free of the need for belonging, acceptances and a wish to be loved?

My hunch is they are not . My hunch is that they are more similar to me than that they are different. My hunch is that they hurt and hide just like I do at times and denying their true self just as I at times struggle to do . I guess we all try to make sense of the confussed state of our mind sometimes which once apone a time I was under the delusion that I was in control of. After years of meditation mine still jumps all over the place like a monkey .  

I am lucky to have access to art and the expression through textiles, colour and shape. I make sense of the entangled , confussed emotions at times and make things to see reflected back at me which can be freeing, enlightening or intriguing. I feel the pain for people who have not got the access to art or another form of expression. I relate to the pain of isolation and the devastating consequences such can have . 


Loose ends do not mean they need to be tied of in a neat little bow 

Loose ends do not mean they need to be tied of in a neat little bow 

I have come to see there is no such thing than ‘perfection ‘ . Nothing I know if can be tied up neatly in a bow with a cherry on top . Everything is in a constant flux and therefore passes and changes over and over .

I wish I had known this when I was hurting when I came of age

I wish I knew this when I was crying when I was a young mother  

I wish I knew this when tragedies entered my life

I wish I knew all these people who didn’t know it either and had nothing to hold onto  to stay in this realm of this life 

I know now that all things change, as I know a little more each day and therefore  I will NOT stop talking about it and tell whoever I meet and when my voice in my head becomes fearful I shall be reminded of my favorite words...

Make for your HeArT 

Radio interviews during the trip in west NSW

Many thanks to the media interested in mental illness and are doing their bit to open conversation 🤠 Wayne from 2Web gave me great air space and so did the ABC. I am very grateful for that. If you want to listen you can check them out by clicking on the link. We keep adding stuff there.


Abc statewide drive


I am in Carinda NSW

Yesterday I arrived here and am taken by the calm and stillness of the place . Yes there is dogs barking but that is part of country life.

The other sounds are chickens, a rooster which wakes me in the morning and my heart beating joyously in my chest 🤠



the population is small and not much to buy . People live near by on properties and come 60-80 km into town for a beer and a pizza! Yes there is a great new pizza shop  



Not many people live here but the once who do are salt of the earth ! And even David Bowie was here and did a music video here 


met Heidi in the street as she jumped out of her Ute to say hello as she also joins the workshop and we shared a pizza


David Bowie

David Bowie

The pup which holds all the proof with pics and now simse his death there is an annual David Bowie festival in town too

I am working in the hall which serves the community with a space for all there events. From theatre, dances, workshops and child care . It's a beautiful looked after and cared for place.


see you round🤠🤠🤠 

Baradine NSW Mothersday

Baradine is a small community  of about 800 people .  

it was a lovely welcoming  feeling driving into the town and finding the CWA hall. For those who do not know CWA country women association were hugely important for the well fear of women in this country . They influenced politics, bought flats and houses in cities for women to safely stay in when they had to go to town and they were and still often are drivers in their communities. Off course their are rules and cookbooks on how to make a cake 'right'!


CWA hall which has a stage as well. They all are different  

CWA hall which has a stage as well. They all are different  

The fact we had the workshop over 1.5 days and it fell on Mother's Day had allowed sharing around this theme. Any mother knows what guild feels like of not being perfect and any mother knows the fear of something happing  to their child .   

I felt touched by the joys and heartships and it brought before me again . 'I am NOT alone' . 

we are good enough and are allowed to embrace our imperfections, as a matter of fact our heart will do much better when we do. 

See video below for short impressions  


We made little race hats, steam punk and also a winter hats for visiting a daughter who lives in the USA

Mendooran day 2

I love waking up in the morning as some of you might know and spend some time with the birds . My life is lived through a bundle of metaphors. I see them in everything and it helps me in my practice for a meaningful life. 

When I do my yoga practice I have a mantra which I learned from Brene Brown to stay grounded . 

it goes ' Don't shrink , don't puff , stand in your sacred space ' and it helps throughout the day when sometimes I get too big for my boots .


Yes that's a kookaburra up there 😍👏🏽 

Yes that's a kookaburra up there 😍👏🏽 

I love the second day also as people are coming back exited with ideas and a spring in their step. Connections have been formed and skills were learned and lots of scones eaten .  



We packed the car about 3 pm and I drove to the next venue which today is just under 2 hours away and will unpack in the morning in a new hall with new tables leaning against the all waiting to be put up.

Good bye MENDOORAN  

Good bye MENDOORAN  

Mendooran day 1

Mendooran is a very smal community .about 4oo people live in town and several from the workshop came from out of down from Neighbouring properties. 

I am always reminded how those women transform out of their blunt stone boots into pearls and lipstick . Many of those women in the workshops know how to fence and draft cattle , trench ship , cook meals and raise children . 


Hands which have done a lot  

Hands which have done a lot  

Each time on the first day I am greeted by an empty hall with tables waiting against the wall in a corner , often the curtains drawn and chairs stacked up high and within an hour or so the space is transformed 


Something happens in the room after 2 - 3 hours when making begins . There is a silence and a buzz at the same time , there is a feeling of exitment and a sense of uncertainty of what will 'this'become and where will I wear it and before long it is not anymore about the outcome , it becomes about the process and the rest falls into place by itself. 

Audrey The Hatmobile

I am often asked why I travel and what happens in the classes. 

My answer usually is because I LOVE it. I like the open road, the birds and the landscape , the bright stars at night and the stars I see during the day in the people's eyes after a few hours into hatmaking .  The noise of nature and stillness as I sleep and when I wake.

Arrived at 1st destination  

Arrived at 1st destination  

When I arrive I usually find the hall where the workshop is held and pick up the key . Most places go out of their way to be helpful and friendly . Some have a thing or 2 too learn . Usually the unhappier a town is the more people try to be controlling and hit you with the book around your head .  

Workshop space for the next 2 days  

Workshop space for the next 2 days  

The unpacking takes a while as each hall has a different set up and I set up tables and chairs , empty the truck and set myself up for the night .

I usually stay 2 days in a place and pack up on the second day and drive to the next town which usually is between 1.5 hours and 3 hours away. I like to make it before sun down because of kangaroos. Once there I do all over again . The connection with people and their stories is pressures and I feel humbled and privileged of being let in for the moments in time we share.  


 Some towns get smaller and smaller as people sell up and move out 

Many shops are empty and up for sale in this town which must be hard for the locals  

Many shops are empty and up for sale in this town which must be hard for the locals  

And across the street a block of land and more in the Main Street . 

And across the street a block of land and more in the Main Street . 

Travelling to first workshop Mendooran In NSW

I left Melbourne this morning and am on the way to my first workshop and I just pulled in for the night . Did about 650 km and 400 km to go.

Taking a break 

Taking a break 

Outback arts NSW, who is my employer for this trip does a terrific job to bring arts and crafts to country women . I have toured with this amazing organisation several times now and can not express enough gratitude for how the organiser looks after the project and assists so many life's in the process .

Australia is a very big country and many parts have been in droughts for a very very long time which creates a lot of heartships for farmers, their families and communities . Hatmaking has become a way of connecting with woman and besides skills being learned their is sharing, laughter and personal insights to be had


Stitching a hat can let you reflect , focuss, come into the moment and be present in the NOW  

Stitching a hat can let you reflect , focuss, come into the moment and be present in the NOW  

Today is a travel day and so is tomorrow . My time to reflect on the horizons of this amazing country we live in. It allows me time to listen to books and pot casts and it is an opportunity to connect with nature and its beauty each time I stop the truck .  

I feel truly blessed  

Good night! 

Heading toward Forbes NSW

Heading toward Forbes NSW