Workshops for Schools, Universities and Tafes

We are excited to introduce budding designers to the possibilities that millinery can offer. The Hatmobile has enabled us to organise and deliver many guest classes for high school and TAFE students on the art and trade of millinery.
Art, design and textiles students will benefit greatly from the chance to experience the art of millinery. It is a branch of textile art that can lead to a rewarding career in fashion design. In our sessions, students learn about textiles and fabric techniques, how to use feathers, trims and other specialist materials, and gain an introduction to fashion and wearable design.

Millinery is an old-fashioned trade, and many students have no idea what a 'milliner' does. Our one-day hat making classes for high school students (ideally aged 15-18) are very educational on several levels.

  • Our students develop and execute a design brief for a wearable headpiece.
  • They will be introduced to a wide range of textiles and tools used in the hat industry which can be integrated into many VCE subjects including studio art, textiles, design and media.
  • We also provide an introduction to learning about a very old trade and its history. Why do we say 'mad as a hatter'? Why are hats important in religion, society and fashion? What does it mean to 'wear many different hats'?
  • We also work to break down beliefs about beauty, self-perception and the perception of others.

Our high school sessions are a rare and valuable opportunity for students to explore an unusual trade, learn transferrable skills and build self-confidence during a pivotal moment in their lives.

If you are an art teacher hoping to inspire your students to try something different for their VCE folios, why not hold a millinery workshop for the class?

Browse our gorgeous photo galleries to see some of our previous high school workshops, and to find out what they can make in just a single day with us!

Our previous clients include:

  • Corryong College (VIC)
  • Caroline Chisolm Catholic College (VIC)
  • Strathmore Senior Secondary College (VIC)
  • Whitehouse Institute of Design (VIC)
  • Korowa Anglican Girls School (VIC)
  • Beaconhills College (VIC)
  • Kangan Institute (VIC)
  • Holmesglen Institute of TAFE (VIC)
  • Curtin University (NSW)