Two Day Hatmobile Workshop

The 2 classes are structured around all skill level. We are open to welcome any beginner to the very experienced. Waltraud teaches all techniques needed to make a workshop successful. She does not work to a theme or technique .
If you want to learn lace, leather, straw, felt, free-shaping, esparterie, blocking or know about trimmings, thermoplastics or anything else, Waltraud is open to teach it ALL if the resources are available and off course what time allows. Some people focuss on learning as many techniques as possible and others want to finish a hat or 2 in the the 2 days. All is possible.
If you like special colours or materials always call Waltraud ahead of time.
A spirit of generous sharing is created in her workshops.

Waltraud also has a passion and great knowledge on mental health and well being through personal experience and there are many opportunities provided to use the hat making materials as a form or art therapy and express life situations through color and texture.
Waltraud leans towards a supportive learning environment where people can learn and share safely

Note that5% of your payment is donated to the Hats for Happiness project